Custom Airbrush (エアブラシ) Apparel

Browse through our cool airbrushed original character products below OR use the order form (オーダーフォーム) link below to request your own custom design. Scan or Click the QR Code image to view our order form! 

We can print up to 50 copies of the same original airbrushed t-shirt if requested.

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--- Airbrushed Item Washing & Maintenance Instructions ---

Our airbrushed clothing is ready to wear as soon as you receive it. However, we would recommend that you wait a minimum of 1 week before washing the item in order to allow the ink to properly set into the clothing.

To wash the item, please use the following steps:

1. Turn the item inside out.

2. You can machine wash the airbrushed item in cold water. But for best care, we highly recommend hand washing the item in cold water instead.

3. Never use bleach! It will wash out the color.

4. You should hang-dry in order to minimize fading and color loss.

5. If using a standard dryer, please turn the clothing item inside out during the drying process.

6. Iron your shirt with a high-temperature iron by first covering it with a handkerchief.


-- エアブラシアイテムの洗い方:--



1: アイテムを裏返します。

2: 冷水の洗濯機にも入れられますが、手洗いがBestです!

3: 漂白剤はー切使わないこと!

4: 色落ちを軽減するため、しっかり干すことが大切です。

5: 万がー乾燥機を使う場合、必ず裏返しにしてから入れること。

6: アイロンは、高熱で設定しハンカチをかぶせてからします。





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