The Ryukage - Issue #2 (Comic) - Inked

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The Ryukage Comic Series:

Hitoshi Morita is a traveling ronin samurai and trader. After a particularly long journey across the southern continent; he finally returns home to his wife and six lovely daughters. But what awaits them lurking in the darkness and who are these mysterious warrior monks who have come to balance the scales?

Will the blood of the Nishiyama clan be enough to contain the sinister evil that is about to be unleashed once more upon mankind? The battle for the future begins now!

Story by: Walter Ragland
Illustrations by: Keith Gutierrez
Genre: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller, Mystic
Format: PDF Download
Pages: 47
Published: 2014
Sequence: Prequel to the novel "Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage" (iTunes Download)

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