Unisex Combo "LOVE" 4-Band Bracelet

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Cool and stylish multicolor synthetic leather unisex 4-band combo "LOVE" bracelet. Great for casual wear and will easily match any outfit. Pull string fasteners (Size adjustable).

Length: 20cm

 5cm ~ 8cm (adjustable)
Weight: 28
Style: Multi-band "LOVE" plate


The band is not waterproof and is not recommended for showers, dishwashing or prolonged water exposure.

Natural dyes may slightly stain the skin and light clothing when first worn in the wet. In addition, it has a unique scent of synthetic leather when first opened, but
 this usually disappears after a few days. 
* Due to order volumes, some sizes may be sold out. If so, we will inform you and may recommend an alternative.
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Item Type:

Pattern Type: Tomoe
Material: Faux Leather, Metal Plate
Color: Red
Gift for: game fans/office workers
Character: None
Anime / Comic/ Game: None