Alex: Problem Solved Magical Mugs!

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* Magical Color Change Cup!
Alex is the fire-starter of the group. Quick, decisive and first to act in most circumstances, he`s usually on the front lines of any fight burning down any opposition that might thwart his mission objectives or seek to do harm to his friends. With a style that is too hot to handle, nothing stands in his way!

If you`re a proactive person with plenty of energy to push through issues and lead your team to victory whatever the objectives may be,  << Read Alex`s Character Bio HERE! >>

"With this color changing coffee mug, you're definitely in for a great one. This mug has a black matte finish when it's empty, but when it comes into contact with a hot beverage, the mug reveals an intricate print that's all yours to create."

NOTE: These mugs are not intended for the microwave or dishwashers since it can damage the coating. They're also prone to scratches over time, so please handle them with care.


Designed for:

  • Durable Ceramic
  • Wacky Office Humor
  • Easy to Wash & Clean
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You don`t have to be a fitness or health buff rock these mugs. Full on couch potato is fine. Didn`t you know? Master gaming is also a skill!

* Due to order volumes, some sizes may be sold out. If so, we will inform you and may recommend an alternative.

Item Type:
 Coffee Mug

Pattern Type: Character
Material: Ceramic
Color: white
Gift for: game fans/office workers
Character: C.D.U.L.O., WildFIRE
Anime / Comic/ Game: C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim (WildFIRE: Legend of the Ryukage)