About Us

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Welcome to the NerdyUrges Online Store. Inspired by our original indie dev comics, anime, manga, novels, and video game characters but designed specifically for Nerds, Geeks, and Gamers from all walks of life!

After noticing the lack of original video game and anime urban apparel sales points for geeks and gamers stores, we decided to create this store to sell cool and cute original anime fashion design works to customers who share the same passions that we do!

Whether you`re a fitness nerd, a business nerd, an anime nerd or a video game nerd; our original designs have something for everyone! We are proud of our high quality products with beautiful creative designs and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

Our goal is to be the one source for passionate nerds who are full of original ideas and creativity can find all of their geeky urban apparel items.

Feel free to contact us anytime at wyldeblade@gmail.com if you have any questions and thank you for shopping with NerdyUrges!