C.D.U.L.O: Terrax Assassination Blades (Knife Version)

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* 1 set currently in stock!
* Handmade per order (3 days for production, shipping within 5 days, delivery times depend on the country)
* Free shipping in Japan Only
* 2 blade set

* LED lights & mini 12V batteries included!
* Roughly arm length, lightweight and easy to carry!

Terrax Assassination Blades -
 Zinjin`s backup weapons of choice alongside his long sword. These knives are for up-close-and-personal encounters with alien enemies and can slice through most armor like butter! He received these blades as an honorary gift from one of the rebel faction leaders during his tour on Wayllear Prime in which he single-handedly used one of the blades to route an entire battalion of Shi`aki soldiers who had completely wiped out the monarchy and was seeking to establish a military stronghold on their planet. 

* These blades are made of soft EVA foam and come with LED lights installed

* Can be repainted to suit your own cosplay needs!

* The blades glow by pressing a hidden button in the handgrip (indicated by a

* The blades are soft enough for children but should be handled with care and are
   not recommended for children under the age of 6.

* Do not store in wet/damp places which could damage the electronics.

* Blades are meant for cosplay only and not intended for striking, hitting, battles,
  etc. which might damage them. Please use responsibly and with care.

** NerdyUrges is not responsible for any damage or self-injury incurred by using
  these products.