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Welcome to our Nerdy Urges collection. 

Embrace your inner self with our high-quality original t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and cute anime-style & video game themed collectibles!  Soft, durable and comfortable, our products will keep you stylish and comfortable  all-year-round.

* Please Note: Due to Covid-19, shipping for DTG (US) and all-over print items such as T-shirts and Hoodies (US, EU) may be slightly delayed.

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New "FuuWah`s Gambit" Game Mugs Available!

Based on a fun spin-off from our "Quest of the Gummy Witch" game, FuuWah`s Gambit is a colorful turn-based strategy game, starring everyone`s favorite cute & pink golem, FuuWah! This colorful drinking mug is sure to please! Check out our ultra-kawaii designs for these cute candy-colored characters

Original Series`

Original cre8tive Media Vault Comic Book, Anime & Video Game Character Series` Goods, Fashion & Accessories!


Official Partnership with Grandmaster Loren Avedon`s WarriorWear.Clothing Store.

These products are designed to benefit charities such as the UNHCR, UNICEF, Save The Children & Save A Warrior Foundations.

Release Your Wild Side!

Tough, smart, cynical, sexy and stylish - Nerdiness has no bounds and no limitations!

Cut loose and let your original attitude shine through with one of our original training tee-shirts, coffee mugs or hoodie sweaters that are specifically made for cool nerds with an attitude!

Don`t forget to check out our Winter Selection of Men`s and Women`s Hoodies, Now On Sale!

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