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Embrace your inner self with our high-quality original t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, and cute anime-style & video game themed collectibles!  Soft, durable and comfortable, our products will keep you stylish and comfortable  all-year-round.

* Please Note: Due to Covid-19, shipping for DTG (US) and all-over print items such as T-shirts and Hoodies (US, EU) may be slightly delayed.

Original Anime & Video Game Promotional Product Design, Production & Distribution Services for Indies!

Thanks to our worldwide network, NerdyUrges takes pride in helping creative indies and startup brands design, produce, promote, and sell their original anime, indie game, and comic/manga-based products across the globe!

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Original Series`

Original cre8tive Media Vault Comic Book, Anime & Video Game Character Series` Goods, Fashion & Accessories!


Official Partnership with Grandmaster Loren Avedon`s WarriorWear.Clothing Store.

These products are designed to benefit charities such as the UNHCR, UNICEF, Save The Children & Save A Warrior Foundations.

Release Your Wild Side!

Tough, smart, cynical, sexy and stylish - Nerdiness has no bounds and no limitations!

Cut loose and let your original attitude shine through with one of our original training tee-shirts, coffee mugs or hoodie sweaters that are specifically made for cool nerds with an attitude!

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