Specified Commercial Transaction Act Page

The Specified Commercial Transactions Act (formerly "Door-to-Door Sales Act (Act on Door-to-Door Sales, etc.)") is an Act for with the purpose of preventing business operators'' illegal, or malicious solicitation while protecting consumer benefits. Specifically, rules that business operators should obey, and rules for protecting consumers. such as, the cooling-off system, are specified for types of transactions which tend to cause consumer problems such as Door-to-Door Sales or Mail Order Sales.

Our Store currently doesn't operate in any of the following areas:

* Door-to-door Sales
* Mail Order Sales
* Telemarketing Sales
* Multilevel Marketing Transactions
* Provisions of Specified Continuous Services
* Business Opportunity Sales Transactions
* Door-to-door Purchases

Nope, we just sell shirts online as usual and we NEVER share your personal information with ANY third party. That`s our policy!  But if you would like to know more about Specified Commercial Transaction Act rules and regulations, you can find the following links here!

1.) Act On Specified Transactions
2.) What is the Specified Commercial Transaction Law?