Dark Office Humor Mugs (Red Dragon Clan #1)

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Got something you wanna say? Yeah... I didn`t think so. 

When rocking this cute and stylish WildFIRE: Dark Office Humor Mug people would be wise to remember that members of the Red Dragon Clan aren`t exactly known for their kindness, consideration or patience in most situations. A friendly `negotiation` with these guys could end up a little more "cutthroat" than most participants may have intended!  << Character Profile >>

This mug is perfect for ball-breakers and deal closers who have the titanium-forged drive and determination to get what they want... And won`t take "No" for an answer unless it`s absolutely warranted.

Designed for:

  • Durable Ceramic
  • Wacky Office Humor
  • Easy to Wash & Clean
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe
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Item Type:
 Coffee Mug

Pattern Type: Character
Material: Ceramic
Color: white
Gift for: game fans/office workers
Character: RDC Male 1
Anime / Comic/ Game: C.D.U.L.O.: The Outer Rim (Wild FIRE: Legend of the Ryukage)