The Ryukage Series Coffee Mug

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This coffee mug is designed for creative types.

Storytellers, Illustrators, Animators, Game Designers - whatever your genre may be, it`s obvious that you have one big world to build and a heck of a story to tell! It`s going to take a lot of hard work, study and dedication to make your dreams come true... So you may as well drink to your passions in a mug inspired by the creative energies of a kindred spirit!

Designed for:

  • Durable Ceramic
  • Wacky Office Humor
  • Easy to Wash & Clean
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

The Ryukage Comic Series Synopsis:

Hitoshi Morita is a traveling ronin samurai and trader. After a particularly long journey across the southern continent; he finally returns home to his wife and six lovely daughters. But what awaits them lurking in the darkness and who are these mysterious warrior monks who have come to balance the scales? Will the blood of the Nishiyama clan be enough to contain the sinister evil that is about to be unleashed once more upon mankind? The battle for the future begins now!
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Item Type:
 Coffee Mug

Pattern Type: Character
Material: Ceramic
Color: white
Gift for: game/comic fans & creative types
Character: Ryukage Cast
Anime / Comic/ Game: The Ryukage Comic Series