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1st LT Franklin "Hollow Point" Spallenni

He`s the mechanical engineer of Team Ashura.

Known both for his practicality and wry sense of humor, Franklin is literally the glue that holds the team (most notably, their ship) together. 

But it would be a huge mistake to simply write him off as just another grease monkey and practical joker. One of the oldest members of the crew, Franklin is battled-hardened, serving more than 6 tours on interplanetary defense against the Shi`aki forces.

Cool, laid back, and mostly easy-going, while most of the team has been on the receiving end of one of his practical jokes, Franklin is also one of the wisest members of the group and is always there to give much-needed, unbiased advice and guidance to the team when necessary. Due to his age, they tend to view him as the eldest member of the group, with most of the team calling him "Pop" as per his preference - which has more to do with his love of explosives than his actual age.


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