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The Red Dragon Clan A group of Shi’aki sympathetic extremists, the RDC is a major interplanetary crime cartel operational in the year 2911 that formally opposes the Attraxian Planetary Council. They work directly for the Shi’aki and do all of the Shi’aki’s dirty work while the Shi’aki themselves remain hidden. As a reward for their services, the Shi’aki give them advanced technology to help them in their illegal activities. Upon joining the RDC, most members are infused with a very high tech form of Shi’aki designed nano-technology. Once infused with this technology, RDC members can use it at will to transform...

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Ens. Randy ( “Rand-teel-tdzlaal Fortuna”) is the sleek and beautiful alien healer/doctor of Zinjin`s strike C.D.U.L.O. team. Although she wasn`t originally a ranked officer due to her young age, Zinjin gave her the rank of Ensign due to her indispensable role on the battlefield Zinjin and Corey found Randy hiding away with her family on an old moon in the Eulortiwa system. Her planet had long since been destroyed and reseeded by radical Tolarduins a long time ago, so her society had since managed to rebuild and thrive on their new homeworld. That was until a Shi`aki reconnaissance team arrived. Randy was completing her “holy right of passage” when the Shi`aki arrived...

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