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The main protagonist of the CDULO storyline, Zinjin was born a mutant in the midst of the Genetic Wars. His father was human, his mother was a Bio-gen. Strong, fearless, cunning, and pure of heart, he was recruited by Admiral J. Lyons and joined the C.D.U.L.O (COBRA) in their war against the Shi’aki during their first invasion. There, he proved to be a valuable asset on any interplanetary battlefield. Highly intelligent and tactical, Zinjin`s mutant ability to recover from most serious injuries and his aggressive fighting skills give him the ability to hold his own against most alien threats. Within...

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Name: Christina STONEFEATHER Age: 28Affiliation: The SHADOWPrimary Battle CLASS: THIEF Abilities:Christina has the ability to “trip” time. This allows her to travel forward or backward along the time continuum at will. When using her “Null Field”, she can travel virtually at the speed of light. Her time-manipulating abilities also allow her to change an object’s physical state by making it grow or age at will. She can also fire high impact blasts and projectiles. However, since she does not know the extent of her powers, she uses them very cautiously. As an expert martial artist so she prefers to rely on her physical attacks. Her...

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Name: Vincent STONEAge: 30Affiliation: NonePrimary Battle CLASS: BLADE MASTER Abilities:Vince is a self-taught expert in many different forms of martial arts as well as weapon design and engineering. He is very smart and cunning and can outthink just about any opponent. << Read more HERE! >> Story:When he was still a child, Vince`s parents were captured and executed in front of his very eyes by remnants of the Shi'aki Empire. He and his older sister, Michelle, were taken to a Shi'aki concentration camp located in Northern Siberia where the two were forced to dispose of the bodies of the many people the Shi'aki had killed. He was...

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