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Ens. Randy ( “Rand-teel-tdzlaal Fortuna”) is the sleek and beautiful alien healer/doctor of Zinjin`s strike C.D.U.L.O. team. Although she wasn`t originally a ranked officer due to her young age, Zinjin gave her the rank of Ensign due to her indispensable role on the battlefield Zinjin and Corey found Randy hiding away with her family on an old moon in the Eulortiwa system. Her planet had long since been destroyed and reseeded by radical Tolarduins a long time ago, so her society had since managed to rebuild and thrive on their new homeworld. That was until a Shi`aki reconnaissance team arrived. Randy was completing her “holy right of passage” when the Shi`aki arrived...

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The Team Tank + Holy Man of Team Ashura Our resident “Honey Badger in space” Dozer is just as fierce as his name and physical appearance imply. This guy is not to be trifled with and is very protective of his teammates, especially Randy, who he first met on Zinjin`s ship.  Highly cultured and intelligent, Dozer actually hails from a race of royal blooded warriors who travel the galaxy hunting the strongest prey that they can find. While not conquistadors per se, the original dark purpose of his race was to find and “purge pestilence” from the universe by eliminating the weaker species` on planets...

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