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Christina Character Bio

Name: Christina STONEFEATHER 
Age: 28
Affiliation: The SHADOW
Primary Battle CLASS: THIEF

Christina has the ability to “trip” time. This allows her to travel forward or backward along the time continuum at will. When using her “Null Field”, she can travel virtually at the speed of light. Her time-manipulating abilities also allow her to change an object’s physical state by making it grow or age at will. She can also fire high impact blasts and projectiles. However, since she does not know the extent of her powers, she uses them very cautiously.

As an expert martial artist so she prefers to rely on her physical attacks. Her favorite weapon is the “Dragon’s Lance”, which is a double-bladed bo staff made of solid energy.

Although she doesn’t know it, the Dragon’s Lance is the traditional weapon of her clan passed down through countless generations. Her natural mother left it to her before she died. However, having a soul of its own, the weapon only activates for those who it deems worthy enough to wield it.

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The daughter of Commander John Stonefeather, Christina was adopted at the age of 5 when her father's wife found her alone on the city streets. His wife died three years later.    

Although the Shi'aki have not been seen in many years and the Council officially denies their continued existence on earth, Stonefeather, a retired military official and well-respected council representative, has secretly been keeping tabs on the remaining Shi'aki forces for a number of years. He coordinates his efforts through an underground tracking organization known as " The Shadow".  

Needing to keep his underground activities from public view, his loving daughter Christina acts as his emissary to the group. She often accompanies them on their missions and other dangerous assignments to spy on the Shi'aki (much to her father's disagreement).    

Now living a life of luxury and doing her best to keep her outside activities low profile, Christina, while elegant, charming, and extremely beautiful on the outside, is actually a tomboy and adventure seeker at heart. Her favorite activities include playing a variety of different sports, going on archeological digs, tomb raiding, and street fighting.   

Extremely intelligent, she also holds college degrees in the areas of History, Astronomy, Astro Physics and applied Quantum Physics.

Having discovered her ability to manipulate time to a small degree when she was a teen, Christina is very cautious about her powers due to the unknown adverse effects they might have on her. Her adopted family knows nothing of these abilities. Her best friend is her butler, Michael, who is the only one who knows of her powers and who helps her design and build all of the weapons that she uses on her missions with The Shadow.   

Christina's unique fighting style is a superb mixture of hard and soft fighting techniques. Quick, graceful, and extremely powerful, she is a very lethal opponent. She is also very street smart and is an exceptionally good thief.

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