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Dutch Character Bio

Affiliation: OCTAGON
Primary Battle CLASS: WARRIOR

Though human in appearance, Dutch’s unusual genetic structure enables him to psionically transform his body into a nigh-impenetrable lightweight metal suit with many options included in it. Dutch’s suit allows him to camouflage himself in virtually any surrounding, fly, as well as provides him with a vast arsenal of highly destructive weaponry. In addition to this, he is extremely intelligent. His superior intellect and almost unmatched strength makes Dutch a formidable hunter of Shi’aki forces.

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One of the final products of Bio-Gen technology, Dutch was genetically engineered in a laboratory with one sole purpose in life. Every fiber in his body has been designed to destroy the Shi'aki.         

The man who is responsible for Dutch’s unusual way of coming into existence is a man by the name of Dr. Henri Wiltshire. Wiltshire was not only a veteran of the Great Wars but also one of the key pioneers in re-opening the field Bio-Gen technology.         

Once a weapons engineer for the C.D.U.L.O during the war, Wiltshire was seriously wounded in a lab explosion resulting from a Shi'aki attack on the space station in which he and his development team were assigned. The attack left him partially paralyzed from the waist down. Using cybernetic implants, doctors were able to restore most of his mobility but the accident left him with an incurable limp. He was soon transferred to COBRA's main branch where he began working as Chief Weapons Engineer.

During this time he often considered using Bio-genetically enhancement to give soldiers more of a competitive edge on the Shi'aki. However, seeing as how the practice of bio-enhancement had been strictly outlawed as a result of the Olympus Incident, his proposal never made it to the Council. Even so, he still strongly believed that bio-engineering was the way of the future.  

Wiltshire's life changed dramatically on July 24, 2718, the day of the Zinjin Attack. Wiltshire was the Chief Engineer in charge of designing and upgrading the ships in the Attraxian Fleet to combat the oncoming Shi'aki battlecruiser.   

He and his crew had less than 144 hours to prepare the entire fleet to do battle with this powerful enemy. Through mass coordination and a lot of effort, they successfully managed to outfit every ship in the Attraxian fleet with the most powerful and destructive weaponry they had at their disposal. These weapons included a sub-particle field as a deflector shield for most of the large ships and cyclic ion cannon for the small fighters. Both of which were his own inventions. On the day of the assault, the Council ordered the launching of three-fourths of the entire Fleet to combat the oncoming Shi'aki cruiser.      

The battle lasted for less than an hour. In approximately 40 minutes the entire section of the fleet they had dispatched had been totally decimated. Even with all of the effort he'd put into designing the weapons and armor for the Fleet, it was still no match for the Shi'aki battle cruiser's incredible power. All seemed lost as the enormous ship continued to make its way towards Earth. The fleet was their last line of defense. Wiltshire had failed.  The only thing they could do now was wait for the end to come.

However, due to the sacrifice of one courageous man, it never did.    

Wiltshire and his crew found themselves staring at the screen in awe as they watched the imagery sent from a distant surveillance satellite of the damage their new savior inflicted on the enemy ship. Although due to the satellite's position, the view was too far to make out exact details, it was clear that the enemy ship was in critical danger of being totally destroyed. Suddenly a loud cheer could be heard from the anticipating crowd as the enemy ship began to withdraw from Attraxian space   

Astounded by the sheer power he had just witnessed, Wiltshire secretly took a look at his file. There was very little information about the man himself, however, there was one vital piece of information that he did find. Their savior was a mutant.

This discovery was enough to convince Wiltshire more than ever that biotechnology was destined to be the way of salvation from the Shi'aki. This also lead to his secret quest to create a super soldier whose sole purpose in life was to hunt down and destroy Shi`aki guards should they ever again seek to invade the earth.

Although illegal, Wiltshire spent the rest of his life biogenetically engineering the perfect soldier to act as the first line of defense against another Shi'aki full-scale invasion. Dutch was his final result.

Wiltshire died shortly after completing his task leaving Dutch in a state of suspended animation for well over a century.   

Dutch’ s sleep ended when an earthquake ripped through the Greenland terrain. Since then he has been working as an undercover agent for an organization known as the OCTAGON.

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