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LT. Meg Reevers

Sexy, sultry and deadly are the words to describe this beautiful killer. Once an elite member of the Cobra`s “Gungnir” Spec Ops Team, Meg is well known for her patience, persistence, and coolness-under-fire. Once a target has been marked by her, it`s pretty much game over.

One of her many claims to fame was the single-handed rescue of a captured Cobra military unit on Ulensa 9 where she strictly refused a retreat order and continued to lay waste to enemy forces using guerrilla-style hit-and-run tactics for 4 days straight until the enemy forces were too damaged and undermanned to overpower their captives. 

Although the enemy sent wave after wave of reinforcements to try and find her, none of them ever returned. She even managed to snipe one of the captive unit members who was secretly offering to provide their captors with intel in exchange for the rest of his team`s freedom.

An expert of “one-shot-one-kill” with practically any firearm, Meg can snipe just about anyone from any distance with anything, although the superhuman strength, hearing, and reflexes of some mutants (like Zinjin) and alien races (like Randy`s, Dozer`s and the Shi`aki) can often nullify her stealthy advantages.  

Because of her training, Meg also has the unique ability to curve bullets and other projectiles around objects to reach hard to hit targets. This is especially true with blades. In addition to being an expert sniper, Meg is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat and carries around an arsenal of bladed weapons that are built into her sniper armor. This allows for her to kill silently in close-quarter combat when firing her weapon would expose her position to other enemies. Her armor also includes standard Gugnir issue air-compression jump boots and shoulder jets that allow for her to boost/fly short distances in order to quickly change locations after a shot. The suit also includes a mirage projector which helps her visually hide from enemies when in the field, although the technology cannot compete with current alien advances, so she rarely relies on it.

Aside from her “tough Irish girl” demeanor, when not on assignment, Meg is actually a laid-back party girl who likes to hang out, have fun and is very confident in her physical appeal. She knows how to separate business and pleasure and is often the casual conversation point for team members to chat with while getting advice from. She has a special bond with Black Wolf, Dozer, and Spallenni as they have served under her for a number of years. She also has a deeply protective and caring side for Rady, since she is the “youngest” member of the team and the only other female member at this time.

Meg and Zinjin sometimes clash due to them both having separate ideas of how to accomplish a mission. She`s tactical, efficient and patient enough to wait for the perfect opportunity (for days if necessary). Zinjin, on the other hand, is tactical, efficient, doesn`t like to waste time and is not afraid to take calculated risks in order to accomplish the goal in a shorter amount of time, which she attributes to his mutant capabilities. 

Corey and Spallenni manage to keep the peace between them using a mix of wit, humor, and practicality. 

She`s secretly attracted to Corey, although his bold advances can be annoying to her sometimes. All-in-all, Meg is a team player and respects both Zinjin and Corey for their leadership, teamwork, and experience.