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Naomi Character Bio

Name: Naomi HIND
Age: 19
Affiliation: OCTAGON
Primary Battle CLASS: ARCHER


Cute, plucky, cheerful and a straight-up nerd; Naomi is the expert hacker of the group. Although she`s the youngest member (in terms of human years). Her skills with building, maintaining and hacking complex human and alien computer systems are second to none. She literally hacks enemies to pieces... and she`s a pretty good shot with her dual blasters too! 

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The daughter of Cordata Hind, Naomi was raised with her father in the run-down, spice trading town known as Rune City. Always an intelligent girl, as a child Naomi spent most of her time messing around with computers and other electronic devices while her father was away on “business”. Because of this, she became a sort of computer whiz with a natural ability to hack her way into virtually any computer system. When she grew older, she later learned that her father was working as an undercover intelligence agent for an anti- Shi’aki group known as OCTAGON.

Naomi joined the group as the resident computer expert. Her gift for hacking has been proven time and time again to be an important asset in breaking Shi'aki codes and intercepting messages. Though the young, her keen intellect, unyielding determination, as well as her light-hearted and pleasant smile has helped the rebellion out in many trying situations.

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