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Nikki Character Bio

Name: Nichole IMAMURA (Nikki)
Age: 29
Affiliation: CYBOTEK Industries 

Nikki was born with the natural ability to control the element of wind. She is a skilled fighter in two of the Ryukage’s most ancient fighting styles, the “Sakura (Cherry Blossom) Fist”, which is passed down from the female descendants of her clan, and the “Crying Tiger’s Moon”, which was traditionally only taught to males. She is a proficient fighter but prefers to use her other abilities. She carries the traditional weapons of her clan which are dual Kung Fu style rings called the “Tiger’s Eyes”.

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Nichole knows full well of her royal lineage.

From the time she was first born, her parents began grooming her in the old traditions of their clan being perhaps, the only one of the five remaining clans to retain many of the old Ryukage traditions.  An unusually intelligent girl, Nikki attended many different colleges and holds many degrees in the field of science and engineering.    

After her parent's death in a space transport explosion caused by a pro Shi’aki terrorist group known as the Red Dragon Clan, Nikki spent a few years wandering from place to place. Eventually, she found herself in North America. There she ran into an old man who claimed to hold family ties to her and her family. He claimed to have been watching her for quite some time and told her that he was there to help.   

Although skeptical at first, the young girl soon began to feel an overwhelming bond between her and the old man. His knowledge of the ancient Ryukage Clans astounded her. She lived with him for a few years while he helped her get back on her feet while giving her additional training in the Ryukage traditional arts. He then mysteriously vanished leaving her with only a vague clue as to his relationship with her and her family.   

Unemployed, Nikki offered her services to CYBOTEC, a government-run experimentation facility who specialized in designing cybernetic battle armor for military troops. They were developed to provide a strong line of defense and give military personnel an added edge against the Red Dragon criminal organization. Although Nikki has her suspicions as to the true objective of the company, the pay is good. She currently works there as an Electrical Systems Technician as well as Combat Effectiveness Test Pilot (C.E.T.P).    

Her job as a C.E.T.P. is simple. The company comes up with a new creation they think will prove formidable on the battlefield and it’s her job to prove them wrong... By breaking it.

She does so by pitting her keen intellect, vast martial arts, and superb mech piloting skills against their creation’s awesome weaponry. 

With a record of 291 test flights and mock battle simulations, she has yet to be defeated.

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