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"Quest Of The Gummy Witch!" RPG/Shooting Game and Merchandise

Quest of the Gummy Witch (c) :

Our friendly, neighborhood, Gummy Witch, Giselle, finally has a day off from the academy!

Unfortunately for her, some underworld baddies have just broken free from the sanitation seal located under the city and are dead-set on both wrecking havoc and ruining her day.

And all she wanted to do was watch a nice action movie...

Looks like she`ll be getting plenty of action today, though! Just remember, these monsters like to play tricks with her usual spells, so make sure that you grab the right weapon for the right enemy, or else she`s toast!

Minions, demons, necromancers and tough boss fights. Go all out for guts and glory in this fast-paced, candy based shooter, with cute monster designs made by kids!


Will be updating this game with additional monsters, levels and weapons as part of a tutorial series so check back often to see what has been added. 

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