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Shannon Character Bio

Name: Shannon MONROE 
Age: 26
Affiliation: None
Primary Battle CLASS: BLACK MAGE

Shannon is a semi-telepathic/ telekinetic who possesses unique strength and the ability to psionically “phase” herself through certain objects leaving an electrical charge capable of paralyzing or even killing a human. In addition to this, she also possesses the ability to psychologically control the element of water to a very high degree.

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Shannon was raised in the ruins of the city by her older brother, Keno. The two were separated from their parents when she was very young, so she has little knowledge of who her family was or what happened to them. For all she knew, her brother was her only family and the streets their only home.    

One day while searching for food in an old scrap pile, the two were spotted by an old Shi`aki scavenger droid. Both she and her brother both tried in vain to fight the droid but their mere efforts were worthless. Her brother was captured and the two were separated. She never saw him again.   

Alone for the first time in her life, she found refuge in the half-buried ruins of an ancient Aztec temple that she just happened to stumble across in her wandering. After accidentally discovering her powers she began to explore the depths of her abilities. It is through her intense mental training that she gained a large amount of control over her psychological abilities.  

Years had passed. Her powers had peaked and her fighting skills had improved.  However, she longed for her lost brother.  In her heart, she knew he was still alive. It was almost as if she could sense him. Finally, the feeling became too much to bear. She soon set out on a quest to find him.   

During her search, she ran across a patrol of Shi’aki Rovers. Though she successfully managed to defeat all of her enemies, the battle left her weak. She managed to wander into a small town before collapsing in the street from exhaustion and dehydration.    

Finding that she posed no threat to them, the people of the village looked after her until she regained her strength. It was there that she ran into a small group of orphaned children. Compelled to look after them, Shannon started infiltrating Shi'aki bases in order to steal food and supplies for them and the rest of the people in the small town. An exceptional thief as well as a very lethal fighter, Shannon quickly became the Robin Hood figure for the people of the village, with whom she'd established a family kind of bond with.  

Having been by herself for the majority of her life since her brother's abduction, Shannon began trying to adapt herself to her new environment. Shannon has since become one of the most loved and respected members of the community.  Beautiful, graceful and intelligent, Shannon has the ability to charm the heart of any man. However, her strength is not to be underestimated.    

Her keen insight and quick reflexes compounded by her ability to sense people's thoughts make her more than a force to be reckoned with. The fluid fighting style she inherited from her ancestors, which is almost reminiscent of the traditional jujutsu and weapons fighting techniques developed by the Koga ninja of ancient Japan, is fluid, graceful, and deadly making her a match for any opponent.    

Although somewhat content with her new life and her new family, Shannon still longs to know what became of her brother.

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