The Ryukage

Six clans of immense power.

Born in feudal Japan by the union of holy blood and powerful elemental magic, the descendants of this clan are all direct blood relatives of the powerful Shinto priestess, Ayami Nishiyama, who banished the evil Kuragami demons from earth many centuries ago.


When the Kuragami found a way to once again escape their realm, the six daughters of a ronin samurai trader named Hitoshi Morita who were also blood relatives of Nishiyama, joined forces with six powerful warriors to defeat them.

Each one of these warriors possessed unique powers and fighting styles based on the six elements of fire, water, wind, earth, sand, and gold. Over the years the descendants of these clans have continued to grow stronger although over countless centuries, their heritage has been forgotten...

The Ryukage are a clan of powerful warriors who are sworn to protect the natural balance of the universe... and they are very good at what they do! Only through a strict regime of physical training and mental focus, they have managed to hone their skills to wield ultimate power and achieve their goals.