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Name: Shannon MONROE Age: 26Affiliation: NonePrimary Battle CLASS: BLACK MAGE Abilities:Shannon is a semi-telepathic/ telekinetic who possesses unique strength and the ability to psionically “phase” herself through certain objects leaving an electrical charge capable of paralyzing or even killing a human. In addition to this, she also possesses the ability to psychologically control the element of water to a very high degree. << Read more HERE! >> Story: Shannon was raised in the ruins of the city by her older brother, Keno. The two were separated from their parents when she was very young, so she has little knowledge of who her family was or what happened...

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Name: Alex RYBECK Age: 27Affiliation: OCTAGONPrimary Battle CLASS: WARRIORAlex is the firestarter of the group. Quick, decisive and first to act in most circumstances, he`s usually on the front lines of any fight burning down any opposition that might thwart his mission objectives or seek to do harm to his friends. With a style that is too hot to handle, nothing stands in his way! Abilities:Although his true abilities have yet to be seen, Alex has displayed the ability to teleport himself over short distances. In addition, he has the natural ability to form an organic steel shielding around his lower arms and abdomen...

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